About Us

Who we are

Baygold's vision is to be enduring industry leaders in creating sustainable property. To achieve this, we recognise the importance of the Baygold team; our power is our people.


From vine to pack house, the entire Baygold team is dedicated and hardworking. Collectively, we work towards ensuring a sustainable future with the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. This includes local lwi, who are consulted during orchard developments as we recognise the historical and cultural significance of the land/whenua.

Baygold is committed to ethical trading, and operating a socially and environmentally responsible business. So we are proud to be GLOBAL G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practice) accredited. G.A.P's standards demand production efficiency which improves business performance and reduces waste of vital resources.

As a result, our kiwifruit continue to sustainably expand in scale and meet increasing global demand - literally helping us to 'Create the Future' for generations to come.

New Orchards

Orchard construction is an important part of Baygold's growth. It is vital to have orchards that produce high-quality kiwifruit as soon as possible, as responsibly as possible. We have systems and processes in place to ensure this happens effectively and in a sustainable way for the benefit of the environment and communities.

Opportunities to develop more kiwifruit orchards will continue to be explored, as we work towards achieving our strategic milestone of 1,000 canopy hectares in the top quartile OGR (Orchard Gate Return) by 2025.

We cherish the land we work on, and consider future generations when developing orchards. That's why Baygold strives to build tangible relationships with local lwi during orchard developments. We understand the spiritual and cultural importance of historical discoveries made on the orchards, and work with local lwi to protect and celebrate them.

We recognise our responsibility to protect the land, not only historically, but environmentally too. Baygold is committed to find innovative ways to enhance environmental sustainability, hence the implementation of the One Billion Trees programme.

In partnership with the New Zealand Government, the goal is to plant one billion trees by 2028. In conjunction with this initiative, we have achieved a 'Committed to Climate status' through the Trees that Count programme by planting native forests to ensure a sustainable future. Within 50 years, it is estimated that our plantings would have removed 1,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

During our journey of expansion and construction, we are working hard to have a positive impact on the primary sector economy, the environment, and future generation.

Productive Orchards

Baygold has built a strong reputation for producing the best kiwifruit in the industry, and with hard work and innovation, we intend to continue to surpass industry standards.

Our orchards are efficiently managed to ensure high-yielding crops. As a result, we have achieved a global record for growing the largest crop per hectare in the history of kiwifruit.

In 2020 we hit a world record highest crop for Baygold. Yet, we are often asked how we are able to deliver such outstanding outcomes. The truth is that our success is the result of a long, labour-intensive journey to discover the best growing practices for our plants.

Our method of hard work and nuanced processes at every level has produced mature blocks that have topped the industry.

It is an exciting time to be working in the kiwifruit industry, having proven that we can achieve the best possible returns with the highest-quality fruit.


With around 100 permanent staff and more than 150 casuals, we know our team is our greatest asset!

Baygold aspires to be the employer of choice for kiwifruit. We want our team to feel engaged, involved, empowered and cared for within a safe and positive work environment.

We do this by ensuring an inclusive, non-threatening company culture that recognises each unique individual and their talents. Every person has the right to be treated with respect, fairness and dignity, which is what enables our team to defy the odds and achieve the remarkable.

We encourage our team to discover and celebrate what makes them stand out, and to up-skill within The Baygold Academy. This programme is the first of its kind among the kiwifruit industry and it's our ambition for it to produce graduates with aptitude and skill levels significantly higher than that of other orchard workers in the industry. This directly enhances the quality, speed and results we are able to achieve.

Our hardworking team is what drives Baygold's competitive advantage and success. We enjoy working together, we're forward-thinking, and are collectively focused on achieving the best possible results for our shareholders and for the wider community.

Our business is growing fast, with more staff and contractors working across a larger area of properties than ever before. But this growth will never come at the expense of our team's safety. Our motto of 'Everyday Home Safe' has never been more important than now.

Our team's safety and well-being remains our top priority, so effectively managing health and safety risks is critical for our business. We do so by implementing initiatives and key messages such 'Stop, Think, Act'. These have proven to be effective, with no reported injuries during our 2020 harvest. This is an outstanding result, and we continue to work hard to try and sustain this incident rate of zero.

We are always on the lookout for people who are motivated. proactive and hard-working to join our team. There is seasonal work available on our orchards and we have enabled career paths for supervisors and assistant and orchard managers.

Charitable Relationships

As a people-focused company, it's important to our team to give back to the community. That's why Baygold supports 14 charitable initiatives in a hands-on and financial capacity.

We believe that families are the foundation to develop thriving communities. We have donated in excess of $400,000 to community-focused charity organisations that share similar values to Baygold, such as The Graeme Dingle Foundation. Additionally, 10% before tax, of all proceeds go to charity each year.

This organisation helps tamariki (children) and youth to achieve their potential by instilling integrity, respect and resilience. Their vision aligns closely with Baygold's motto to 'Grow the Future', which has been the foundation of our partnership.

Baygold also donates to Fruit of the Pacific. This foundation works closely with New Zealand's Pacifika seasonal workers to help them develop skills they can use once they return home. By enriching their skillsets, workers are empowered to become active participants in their community's development. This helps to transform Pacific communities to ensure men, women, and children thrive.

Baygold has a strong family history, which is why we also donate to the Bright Vision Charitable Trust to help support programmes such as Hapai Mama. Hapai Mama instils strong family values, with a focus on antenatal, marriage and parenting support in the Bay of Plenty region.

As well as our responsibility to help people, we also recognise the important of protecting our environment too. We work closely with the New Zealand Government and initiatives such as the One Billion Tree programme and Tree that Count. As a result, we are doing our part to help New Zealand reach one billion trees planted by 2028, which includes tree donations for a 400 hectare native forst at Otawa Scenic Reserve.

These are just some of the charities we work with closely to support communities and the environment. Innovation is our lifeblood, and we are committed to creating a sustainable future.